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Organic Coconut Sugar
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Beli Sekarang
Deskripsi Produk
Sugar Crystals/Powder Coconut comes from coconut sap raw material, through a cooking process carried out by farmers to produce Crystal/Ant/Powdered Coconut Sugar which is truly Original, Organic and Healthy. Through continuous guidance and assistance that we provide to farmers, farmers understand how to produce healthy and clean Crystal Sugar/Ants/Coconut Powder. At the time of taking palm sap, farmers do not use chemicals as a mixture of sap but use natural ingredients. The process of cooking the sugar does not use any chemical mixture. Healthy for consumption by children to the elderly because it contains many nutrients and vitamins and increases the body's immunity.

Description of Crystal/Ant/Powder Coconut Sugar
• Taste : Normal.
• Color : Brown.
• Drought(Moisture Content): 1.5% - 2%.
• Total Sugar as Sucrose : 90%
• Mesh : 16.
• Do not use chemicals.
• Contains Vitamins, Nutrients.
• 100% Organic.

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