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What are the differences between brown sugar, coconut sugar and palm sugar?

04 Jul 2021 • 07:59:20

Brown sugar is very well known among the people of Indonesia, because this sugar is always present in people's lives, for example brown sugar is almost always used as a spice in Indonesian cuisine. Brown sugar has various types and flavors, based on the tree that produces the sap. The sweetness of brown sugar is also determined by the quality of the juice. Some people misunderstand about the sweet taste of brown sugar, this sweet taste is often considered not good for human health. Ant sugar is brown sugar in the form of powder, has a distinctive aroma, and is brownish yellow in color. The processing of ant sugar is the same as the processing of printed sugar, namely the stage of heating the sap until it becomes thick.

What Are The Differences Between Brown Sugar, Coconut Sugar and Palm Sugar?

"We know that palm sugar is different from coconut sugar (often called Javanese sugar or brown sugar) in terms of:

  • Source of sap Coconut sugar is made from coconut tree sap, while palm sugar is made from palm tree sap.
  • Chemical composition The composition of simple sugar and complex sugar between palm sugar and coconut sugar is very different. Also the content of nutrients and non-nutrition is very different.
  • Physical properties One of the striking physical properties of the difference is color. Palm sugar is darker than coconut sugar. Moreover, palm sugar originating from Banten, is relatively darker than coconut sugar. This is related to the process of harvesting the palm sap and its processing. 
  • Its organoleptic properties The only advantage of palm sugar over coconut sugar is its aroma. The aroma of palm sugar is very distinctive, so it is used in the manufacture of several regional specialties such as bandrek etc. Also used as a sweetener in coffee making. But in terms of health, coconut sugar is much better.
  • Glycemic Index. The glycemic index of palm sugar is 70. This figure is 2x greater than the glycemic index of coconut sugar which is 35.


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