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Organic Coconut Sugar: Natural Sweetener With Myriad Benefits

22 Jul 2021 • 05:51:36

Sugar or sweeteners cannot be separated from our daily lives, both for use in food and beverages. In line with the development of a healthy lifestyle, natural sweeteners which are a tradition and cultural heritage of Indonesian food such as coconut sugar are starting to become popular again. Moreover, coconut sugar has actually found the momentum of market trends due to growing demand for the export market, where coconut sugar has become popular as a healthier alternative sugar in European and North American countries.

With the increasing number of people with diabetes worldwide, consumers who adhere to a healthy lifestyle are choosing anticipatory steps by replacing cane sugar with coconut sugar. Especially considering that cane sugar on the market generally contains a lot of additional chemicals such as bleach.

Where Does Organic Coconut Sugar Gulpanesia Come From?

Coconut sugar is one of the oldest sweeteners in Indonesia. Coconut tree itself is one of the environmentally friendly and sustainable plants, because it remains productive for sugar production until it reaches the age of 50 years. Made from pure coconut flower nectar (Cocos nucifera), Organic Coconut Sugar Gulpanesia is picked directly from the tree and processed naturally by coconut sugar craftsmen. Each coconut sugar farmer climbs up to 20-30 coconut trees per day.

Did you know that in order to smoothly excrete nectar juice, coconut flowers require intensive care every day? Including massages and cut the base of the tip so it doesn't rot quickly and can still be productive.

Gulpanesia organic coconut sugar comes from Central Java (Purbalingga, and surrounding areas), which is considered the main source of coconut sugar in Indonesia. It takes a special ability to get pure coconut flower nectar, which not all sugar farmers can master. This is what makes Organic Coconut Sugar Gulpanesia special.

Why Is Coconut Sugar A Wiser Delicious Choice?

In addition to offering a delicious sweet taste on the tongue, this sugar is also much healthier. Its low glycemic index levels make organic coconut sugar produce calories slowly in the body, so it does not cause high blood sugar increases. Besides being free of preservatives, this sugar is also free of artificial coloring which makes it a healthier choice of natural sweetener for daily consumption. This sugar is perfect for sports lovers to consume before doing various physical activities that require a long duration, such as cycling and running. In addition, Organic Coconut Sugar Gulpannesia is also gluten-free, making it suitable for vegans and anyone who is on a gluten-free diet.

With a sweet taste and a caramel/toffee combination, this sugar can be used for various applications, ranging from beverages, baking cakes, dessert toppings, to marinating, beef stew, and various other savory dishes. This sugar is also perfect for muesli, granola, or to add sweetness to coconut jam/salted caramel sauce. If you are a lover of Indonesian specialties, you can also use this organic coconut sugar to make cendol, putu, or rujak.

What Makes Organic Coconut Sugar Gulpanesia International Quality?

In addition to the various advantages of coconut sugar in terms of health, variety of applications, to production, Gulpannesia organic coconut sugar has also been certified organic according to Indonesian, European, Japanese, American and many other standards. By applying careful food safety standards, Gulpanesian organic coconut sugar has been registered with the Indonesian Food and Drug Administration and the US FDA. Until now, Organic Coconut Sugar Gulpanesian has been exported to 24 countries, including America, Japan, Italy, South Africa, and many other countries. So, there is no doubt about the quality of Gulpanesian organic coconut sugar.

Eating good food will certainly bring good for the body and mind. Let's apply a healthy lifestyle that is oriented towards environmental sustainability by consuming Organic Coconut Sugar Gulpanesia.

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