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Coconut Sugar Industry Actors Reject Refined Brown Sugar RNSI

04 Jul 2021 • 07:48:42

Coconut sugar business actors in Banyumas reject the discourse on the Draft Indonesian National Standard (RSNI) for sucrose brown sugar, which is a mixture of refined sugar and coconut sugar. This plan will be carried out by the National Standardization Agency (BSN).

The chairman of the Nira Satria Cooperative, Nartam Andrea Nusa, assessed that RNSI will affect the organic coconut sugar trade, and even affect coconut sugar farmers. In fact, so far, his party continues to push so that farmers can produce quality organic coconut sugar with export standards. In addition, refuse refined sugar mixed with coconut sugar.

"If this RSNI is legalized by the government, it will automatically affect the organic coconut sugar trade. In addition, it will be wider for them to make sugar that is not organic standard. size," he said.

According to him, the action against refined sugar has been carried out by several elements from the level of farmer groups, cooperatives, sugar entrepreneurs to the government

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