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Buyers must know, coconut sugar and brown sugar are different | Haranti Mandiri Maju
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Buyers must know, coconut sugar and brown sugar are different

29 Jul 2021 • 06:26:44

The existence of coconut sugar so far is synonymous with brown sugar. However, in reality, since the last few years on the market, there has been a difference between coconut sugar (original) or palm sugar and brown sugar.

Indeed, the raw materials for the two sugars are the same, namely sap, whether it be coconut sap or palm sap or kawung. The difference is that pure coconut sugar is only made from sap, while the raw material for brown sugar is sap mixed with granulated sugar or refined sugar.

The presence of brown sugar apparently made a number of coconut sugar craftsmen complain, because they could not compete with brown sugar. The reason is that the market does not distinguish between brown sugar and coconut sugar. On the other hand, the appearance of brown sugar is more attractive compared to coconut sugar which is mostly made traditionally.

“For the general public, it may be difficult to distinguish between original coconut sugar and brown sugar, which is made with refined granulated sugar. Frankly, since the emergence of brown sugar, it has an effect on coconut sugar sales," said a coconut sugar collector in Cipari, Cilacap

The expression of collectors that until now there are still many who equate coconut sugar with brown sugar. Even though both have different compositions, namely the original sap and the other mixed with refined sugar. He admits that brown sugar looks more attractive than coconut sugar. For example, colors are brighter and denser. The color composition is also uniform. Unlike the case with coconut sugar, the color is sometimes uneven.

Likewise, brown sugar molds are neater than traditional coconut sugar. Brown sugar is harder than real coconut sugar. 

“Traditional craftsmen are what they are, so the color of the sugar produced really depends on the sap and the cooking process. The production is also not much. Unlike the mass production of brown sugar. Because the composition is different, maybe the impact on health is also different, it needs detailed research,"

There is a practical way to distinguish the two sugars, namely when they are melted. Brown sugar is more liquid, and tastes sweeter. While coconut sugar is more concentrated with a distinctive scent, and the taste is more legitimate.

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